Bright Blue Discos – Wembley

The 2017 Bright Blue Discos – Wembley have returned with a vengeance and we’re planning for bigger and brighter events! There will be one disco for all ages (5yrs – 13yrs) and they will go from 5.30pm – 8pm. There will be music, games, great prizes and free face painting! Yummy party pies, sausage rolls and pizzas available to munch on.
  • 30th June (DATE CHANGED FROM 7th July)
  • 8th September
  • 10th November
  • 8th December


Bright Blue Discos aim to assist the police to rectify the imbalance of pro-active and reactive policing where young people are concerned. It does this by providing young people with positive lifestyle alternatives and strategies to avoid becoming an offender or victim of crime. It promotes the police as offering an integrated pro-active youth service, which takes a holistic approach to helping young people.
The Bright Blue Discos started in 2015 and were held every two months at Wembley Community Centre. The police supervised Bright Blue Discos allow young people to have fun in a healthy, safe environment without the threat of drugs, alcohol and violence.
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