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The Gibb River Ride 2017

The 6th annual Gibb River Postie Bike Ride 2017 had two amazing trips!
The 2017 riders had some of our most creative people. We were lucky enough to have writers and musicians to help us remember our journey.
Trip 1 – Song by Alan Morgan and Ben Ward
Verse 1

 Riding from Broome to Kunnas,
 On the Gibb River Road
 With a Budget rental truck,
 Towing a heavy load.

How else would ya do it?
 But on a red postie bike,
 Raising money for Bright Blue
 It's such a flippin' hike.

We had Jacob doing backflips,
 Lethal in Hi-Viz,
 Bunjee doing it for the boys,
 Dolby sinkin beer.

Deano had the first stack,
 He went down pretty hard.
 Kano wanted to top him,
 He went full kamikaze.

Verse 2

 Down came Hawaii and 5-0
 Tailing the back of the pack.
 Myles catching footage,
 With Stacey havin a crack.

Will the smiling assassin,
 Smiling at Cam the camera man.
 Chloe showing the boys up,
 While Jeff eats all the ham.

Verse 3

 Jarrod with the small ears,
 Benny's a little man.
 Yoon-Mi is Korean
 She couldn't be from Japan

Predator loves a capsicum,
 Bush Chook with the pranks,
 Millsy's such a good bloke,
 Alby likes to plank.

Verse 4

 Melissa likes a T-Bone
 She goes flip, flip, flip.
 Pauline's such a soldier,
 Now she rides on in the truck.

Tommy needs a spare rib,
 Chris he stays up late.
 Matty's up the front of the pack,
 Saffa can't seem to wait.

Russ is from Karratha,
 Had a birthday on the trip.
 Clint was such a madman,
 Then ended up in the drink.

Verse 5

 Ian the bush mechanic,
 Glenda keeps us all in line.
 Rick got his bike stranded,
 But it all worked out just fine.

Matt don't fall asleep tonight,
 Cause your turn's coming soon.
 There's still more to come,
 But we hope you like the tune.

Verse 6

 Let's all get together,
 There's something else to say
 We'll join Henry down the backbar
 For Crabbie's big birthday!

Before we go to bed tonight
 And settle into camp
 Sue would like the last word...
 Have a good night Champs!!
Trip 2 – Poem by Mel Browne
There were two in a tutu, who a long time ago
Decided to celebrate their 40th with a fantastic show.

The Gibb River Road called them from afar
A Postie Bike adventure - nothing else was on par!

We flew into Kununurra on a Friday packed and ready to go
The whole grew gathered together and very soon the beers began to flow.

On the plane we were scattered not really knowing what to do,
Glad we'd made our target for the charity Bright Blue

Matt and Rick must be smug - rolling their eyes - knowing what's ahead.
Just hoping that they'd remembered to pack their blow up bed.

The Coffin Dodgers shined through early: refinement, grace and age.
Kalgoorlie gang were young and fierce and loyal on every stage

El Questro was a mission, our first water crossings were cruel.
The dark, the wet, too late for tea - restaurant dining it would have to be.

First night, second night Champagne galore!
We had no idea what we were really in for.

Brown dust, pink dust, grey dust, more.
Yellow sand, shake rock, Tarmac galore.

The creche kids banded together to set the daily pace.
Drinking, laughing good times had, who knows with what their fuel tanks they did lace.

The nighty fines, the fun, the embarrassment, a bonding time each night
It's cost us lots but now we know it's not worth putting up a fight.

The things I have learnt not relevant to my daily life
Only on the Gibb they did keep me out of strife.

How to skate my postie bike across the deepest sand
Like the blue ballerina you know I truly am.

How to hang on for dear life, when the gravel mounds turn deep,
Wishing I was home tending the farm and fluffy sheep.

How to use my sturdy bike pegs and stand up really tall,
Preventing me from causing a really major fall.

The police chase got us rattled, all excited to the bone,
We hope the cops did get them and gave them a new home.

So all is said and all is done, the end is in sight.
Back to normal lives we'll go on dozens of different flights.

Yoon-Mi, Glenda, Ian, Lloyd, Matt and Jeff are stars.
The quiet background heroes, never failing, enjoying their comfy cars.

But wait I say, there's one more group of heroes for the kids:
All the individuals who joined the ride and together they became
The group of who I like to name the nice guys, honest and tame.

The memories will never truly tell the story as a whole
But we all know, deep deep down, there is nothing better for the soul.

The Gibb River Road on a Postie bike you said
Most normal people would have well and truly, a long time ago fled.

The cause, the fun, the everything the charity it's for.
It's no joke when kids are sick and that's what we're here for.

There were two in a tutu, who a long time ago,
Decided to celebrate their 40th with each and every one of the amazing you.

RIDE 1 – THE ROUTE (Derby to Kununurra)
  • June 2 • Broome to Derby
  • June 3 • Derby to Windjana Gorge
  • June 4 • Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek
  • June 5 • Windjana Gorge to Silent Grove – visit to Bells Gorge in afternoon
  • June 6 • Silent Grove to Mt Barnett
  • June 7 • Mt Barnett to Ellenbrae
  • June 8 • Ellenbrae to HVS
  • June 9 • HVS to El Q
  • June 10 • El Q to Kununurra – cruise on Pentecost in morning


RIDE 2 – THE ROUTE (Kununurra to Derby) 
  • June 16 • Kununurra to El Q
  • June 17 • El Q to HVS
  • June 18 • HVS to Ellenbrae
  • June 19 • Ellenbrae to Mt Barnett
  • June 20 • Mt Barnett to Silent Grove
  • June 21 • Silent Grove to Windjana Gorge – visit to Bells Gorge in afternoon
  • June 22 • Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek
  • June 23 • Windjana Gorge to Derby
  • June 24 • Derby to Broome


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