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The Gibb River Ride 2015

Written by James Binns-Swift
Living in Fitzroy Crossing, WA, you do at times find it difficult to find things to do. Searching for a suitable project on the Broome Buy, Swap & Sell page, I found a late model CT110 (postie bike) that was in desperate need of restoration.
After paying a small fee for it, I set to work restoring it. Searching high and low over the internet for parts, I discovered a postie bike ride that took you up the Gibb, which is basically my back yard. After some thinking and talking to my partner, I discovered something about myself: in a nutshell, I discovered I’d spent a lot of my life taking and not much time giving. It was a simple decision to start fundraising for Bright Blue, and it even had a bonus that was a fun ride up the Gibb with a bunch of other like-minded people.

What I thought of the Gibb River Ride:
I wasn’t sure what to expect, having travelled the Gibb in whole and parts of it at least half a dozen times, I thought – how hard can it be on an motorbike? Difficult at times? Yes, definitely, but at the end of the trip you really feel a sense of achievement, because tackling a road like the Gibb with a bunch of other wonderful people built a real sense of camaraderie and mateship.  Mainly because you all had to go through the same thing – being out on the bike for days on end really gave you time to think and reflect on your life, but as soon as you stop and everyone gets off their bike, it’s all talk and laughter about: who nearly fell off, how bad the bumps and dust were, or did you see that amazing view etc… words cannot describe it, you just have to do it.
Why I plan to do it again:
I really felt good about myself knowing that the fundraising I did before and after the ride was going to benefit the children, their families, and the less fortunate. The ride was great fun and a bonus for your hard work. I made some great new friends that I hope to see again some time, I hope to continue my efforts towards Bright Blue and for as long as I can, I will be back to do it again!
Why others should sign up:
It’s simple… Fundraising brings with it a warmth that you can only get from giving. If you love to ride motorbikes and having adventures then it’s a no-brainer. The friends you make, the country you get to see that so few get to experience, let’s not forget the sole reason behind it that is the fundraising efforts, and last but not least the un-explainable feeling of gratitude you get at the end.

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