About Us



Bright Blue’s mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of sick kids.


To assist in the prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses, particularly those linked to issues police officers see every day – including the abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as social disadvantage. Bright Blue will achieve this by providing unwavering support to individuals through our Bright Blue Causes, as well as to nominated organisations in their fight against these illnesses and disadvantage, with an emphasis on helping those with limited access to funding. Our vision will also be realised through raising awareness of children’s health needs and by supporting improved child health research and services in Australia and Mongolia.


Bright Blue works towards improving four key areas of work. These are:
  • Supporting new drug discoveries into childhood cancer research at the Children’s Cancer Institute in Sydney;
  • Working with Interplast; an Australian charity in Melbourne, to assist with sustainable surgeries for kids living with burn contractures and cleft lip and palette in Mongolia;
  •  Working with Radio Lollipop – helping put smiles on the faces of children when they need them most.

It’s hard to think about what you would do if your child got really sick.
Most of us have never been faced with the prospect of losing a child. We’ve not had to hold their hand whilst a doctor performs a nuclear test on them to see whether they have cancer, feeling absolutely helpless in an impossible situation. We simply go about our lives, safe in the comfort of our daily routines, troubled perhaps by how we’re going to sort a babysitter at short notice or how we’ll ever find the time to clean the house before the in-laws arrive for the weekend.
Yet on average three Australian children die from cancer each week.
It’s hard to imagine isn’t it. Here, we’d like to introduce you to some of those people who’ve inspired us and what we’re doing to bring hope and brighter futures to these kids and their families. They never chose to be in their situation, just like you never will. we invite you to put yourself in their shoes.
Now, make a decision BIG or small you can make a real difference.